Whether it is a private outing or a corporate team outing we stand to make each of them special, entertaining and a learning experience. We design them according to the needs of a client adding a scoop of our experience to it.

What we provide


Own Holiday Club plans your outings to be fun, creative, and memorable. We provide you the perfect getaway locations keeping in mind the budget and theme of the outing. We specialize in Family Outing, Friends Outing, Couple Getaway, Corporate Outing.

Family Outing

We plan a fun-filled and stress-free get-together for your family whether for a small group or a big jolly group will our expertise in safe locations, planning, and affordability.



Friends Outing

Getaway with friends is always the most memorable one and we thrive to make it more colorful and exciting. From picking locations to planning budget-friendly activities, we do it all.



Couple Getaway

Our team at Own Holiday Club plans and provide a private and beautiful getaway for the couples who are looking to find some peace and relaxation from the busy and hectic lives with different engaging and fun activities planned out.



Corporate Outing

We provide a tailor-made outing experience for the corporate groups with numerous exciting activities to enhance bonds, challenge intellectual level, reduce stress, and give a fun-filled get together you were looking for.